Monday, September 2, 2013

31 Day Challenge: Day Two ~ Orange

Day 2 is the color Orange. I don't have a whole lot of oranges in my collection, and I really didn't feel like sporting a color that can be seen from 3 blocks away like my neon oranges can be. So I chose this soft coral-y metallic orange by Orly called "Peachy Parrot". I don't think I've used this polish much, its a nice color but it shows brush strokes so easily.

For this 31 day challenge I want to use things I rarely use. With that in mind I used some gold micro beads in a simple line straight* down the accent nail. I don't care for the look of Caviar style nails so I used the beads like I would gems. I'm not really digging it. Maybe I should have gone all out with a caviar accent nail. All well, nice thing about a challenge is I'm not wearing it for all that long.

*I use the term "Straight" loosely as you can see.

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