Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Clearance

Christmas is over and all the stores are trying to get rid of all their leftover Christmas product and gift sets. Including manicure, nail art and polish gift sets! Here is a quick look at the haul I made yesterday. I'll prolly write up proper product reviews on them later.

This was the set I went looking for. My nail art group on Facebook was talking about a cheap nail stamping kit at WalMart and I just had to get a look. My luck was in as I hit my second WalMart and found the last one on the shelf. That and it was 75% off! Two and a half bucks for a new stamping set. Even if every thing in here is rubbish, it was still worth it.

Sorry for the glare, I'm still learning
how best to use my Ott Light.

I've started to grow interested in Hard Candy so finding this set of mini bottles for 75% off was awesome. The mini bottles look kinda like their crushed chrome collection so another $2.50 was worth it to try them out.

These were in WalMart's regular clearance section and they are still a little pricey. I looks like they are getting rid of the Heart 2 Art collection Fing'rs came out with last summer. Shame, I really liked the idea of introducing all the different forms of nail art to the mainstream. Even if the product was a bit cheaply made I still liked it.

Another Heart 2 Art that I picked up solely for the fan brush. I've been wanting one for a while to play with but never got around to it.

The whole reason I picked this up was cause it was $2.48. Then Mom mentioned lips for Valentine's Day, so I'm gonna pretend that is the reason I got it.

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