Monday, April 13, 2015

Supernatural Stamping

Welcome to my new obsession! I've always liked the TV show Supernatural, but these last few months my interest has exploded into obsession. So when cruising my nail art group on Facebook someone mentioning a Supernatural stamping plate caught my undivided attention. Sure enough, Apipla made a small plate (I mean really small. Like 2 inch by 2 inch) dedicated to Supernatural. I may have squee'd a bit when it showed up. Super excited I slapped this mani together real fast. A bad french tip white by Color Workshop I had lying around made the base. I used two coats, but maybe I could have used a third because you can still see some streaking in it. I stamped with Wet 'n Wild "Black Creme" and added a little splattering with Essie "5th Avenue." Sorry for the dry cuticles, work has been rough on my hands these last few weeks.

On the plate you have the Enochian angel banishing sigil, 2 pairs of wings, Bobby's face, the Impala, the front of Castiel's trench coat, Ruby's knife, the anti-possession tattoo, a gun, what I assume is Dean's face but it's not too clear, and the words I <3 SAM!, I <3 CAS!, I <3 DEAN!, I lost my shoe., and I'm Hunter!. I think the I'm Hunter! is a typo and it should read I'm A Hunter!. I think if I ever use it I'll grab the A in the middle of Sam's name to add to it.

I'm loving this manicure. Supernatural is new tomorrow night with the return of my favorite character Charlie! Perfect nails for the occasion.

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