Monday, July 29, 2013

Temporary Nail Tattoos

These are nifty little things. Fing'rs has a line of nail art products out now called "Heart 2 Art" with all kinds of fun things. Stamping plates, gems, striping tape and these cool little nail tattoos. They are not the nail polish strips that have been popping up the last year or so. These are literally just temporary tattoos cut in convenient nail sized squares. They were so easy to put on and each pack comes with 30 sheets. My nails are not all that long so I cut each sheet into quarters. And to top it all off it was cheap! I paid 2.50 bucks for the whole pack.

After the jump I'll show you just how easy these are to apply.

One sheet is big enough for me to get 4 finger nails or 2 thumb nails out of. Your mileage may vary if you have bigger or smaller nails.

Step one: cut to fit your finger. You can cut it into the shape of your nail, but I got tired of doing that and just let it over hang my finger. A little acetone at the end will clean up any that get on the skin.

This is hard to see, but there is a thick plastic coat over the decal. You need to peel that off to expose the slightly tacky decal below it.

The tacky decal you just exposed gets placed face down on your nail. Don't worry if its not touching your nail all over. It will in the next step.

Wet the back of the paper using a sponge. I just used my other hand to run a damp finger over the paper. I wouldn't recommend dipping the decal paper into water. That just sounds like a mess. Make sure the paper is wet all over.

After a few seconds the paper will start to slide off your finger. You don't have to peel it off or anything. It will slide off almost by itself. The decal is left behind.

Use acetone to clean up the decal left on your finger and scissors to get rid of any decal hanging off the edge. You can use nail polish remover too, it just takes more scrubbing that acetone does.

Topcoat it to protect the decal from scratching and there you have it! Super easy to do and it looks so cool.

UPDATE: These are still super cool, but they don't seem to last as long as regular polish. I got a couple days out of them before they started to chip. There was also a strange problem that came up that I can't seem to fix yet. Teeny tiny bubbles formed between the polish and the decal, which is probably why they chipped faster than regular polish.

It might be hard to see in the picture, but tiny bubbles showed up after a day or so under the decal. Or maybe its between the decal and the topcoat. It doesn't detract from the mani much, you have to be really close to the nails to see them and I'm the only one that close to my own nails, but I think it might weaken them a little bit. I still like them and will still use them, just understand you won't get weeks of wear out of them.


  1. Those are really cool where can I get some

    1. The brand Fing'rs and Kiss have been seen at Walgreens and WalMart, but so far the only place I've seen the Heart 2 Art collection has been WalMart. Here is NouveauCheap's pictures of the whole line. I think WalMart still has some of these, but I haven't see the display in a while so not sure what is left of it now.

    2. Oh, and here is Fing'rs website on the nail art kits: