Thursday, July 18, 2013

Glitter Phoenix

Well because the extreme heat and humidity is playing havoc with my polish, I'm digging out some of my practice nails I made up while trying to brainstorm new manicures. Here is one I made while trying to make a fire phoenix mani. Several coats of Sally Hansen Gem Crush "Cha-Ching!" to get a full coverage, but its a fairly dense glitter so not as many coats are as needed as you would think. Then stamped with BundleMonster BM314 Phoenix image in Wet n Wild "Black Creme". The black doesn't show up very well until you topcoat it and then black becomes darker. I like it but even after topcoating the bird doesn't stand out as well as I hoped. And with a dense glitter base, removal would be a pain unless using a glue basecoat. I'm still having problems getting the glue basecoat method to last longer than 24 hours.

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