Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pink and Purple Daisy Gradient

I haven't done many vertical gradients before. I usually like doing the top and bottom half of the nails in different colors. This was an attempt to do the left and right sides in different colors. I really like where the 2 colors joined. I did it so long ago I don't remember exactly how I got such a smooth gradient, but it turned out well. The 2 colors are Sinful Colors "Cotton Candy" and "Tempest", I think. It was months ago that I did this. I stamped with BundleMonster BM224 in Milani "White on the Spot". I then used the pink to dot the center of the flowers on the purple side and purple to dot the center of the flowers on the pink side. I really do like how it turned out. I might just do more vertical gradients soon.

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