Friday, July 12, 2013

Hot Neons

My car died so I have to walk to the library. This last week has been crushingly hot and humid so no way was I gonna walk in that. So no posts for a while, sorry. But every year when it gets hot outside I get an urge to go Neon. I have no idea. It's kinda a throw back to my childhood when anything neon (or "hot" as I used to say. Hot pink, hot yellow, hot get the idea) was in style. I want to decorate this mani but I don't know how yet. I tried stamping white and black over it but it just dulled the neon-ness of the colors and I love the florescent look I'm rocking right now. This picture just doesn't do it justice. You can see these nails coming three blocks away! All but the green is Sinful Colors. Thumb is "Pink", index is "Summer Peach", middle is "Neon Melon", and pinky is "Dream On". The green ring finger is Warpaint Beauty "Bad Apple". As an added bonus they fluoresce under black or UV light. I'll see if I can get a pic of that, but taking photos in the dark is a pain in the bum.

UPDATE: As promised here is my attempt at photographing the neons at night. This was tricky, I had my UV flashlight in my mouth, biting down on the ON button, the camera in my other hand trying to shoot my nails. I should have gotten a picture of that lol :)

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