Monday, July 22, 2013

Sandy Chevrons

I promised I'd give my Liquid Sand polish a fair go and here it is. I've been on the fence for a while about textured polish. Well maybe not on the fence. I've been pretty negative about it to be honest. But with this mani, maybe I've judged it a bit harshly. Sure the gritty texture is weird, but it's less sandpaper and more, I dunno, softer? Like instead of grit it's more like teeny tiny balls. It's very hard to explain. Because I was so unsure about using texture, I only used it on the edges of the mani. First I painted my nails with Sally Hansen "Grape Race". Then, knowing I wasn't gonna top coat it at the end because of the sand, I top coated it after "Grape Race". I then cut some tape so it would come to a point and placed that over the purple. Paint over that in the OPI Liquid Sand "Can't Let Go". Peel off the tape while the polish is still wet for crisp lines. I was gonna stop there, but then I got the brilliant idea to outline the chevron with a white striper, so I busted out Stripe Rite striper polish in white. I'm really glad I did because without it you really loose the V shape. I'm actually happy how this turned out. I didn't think I would be.

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