Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fuzzy Coat

I saw this in the store the other day. Now you guys know my thoughts on the "textured" fad right now like liquid sand, but this seemed different. There isn't any information on it on the posters in the stores, but this picture was shown:

Photo from ConfusingCourtney
Looking at that photo I thought the Fuzzy texture would be soft. Maybe some company has finally figured out how to do nail polish and flocking powder in one! I was so excited thinking of velvet nails. Its still a cool polish, but not for any of the reasons I thought it would be. As cool as it is, I'm still vaguely disappointed in it. See more pic's after the jump.

Soon as I bought it I painted it right over the mani I had on already, there and then in the car.

This is 3 coats and I can still see the mani under it. Ok, note to self, paint it over a like color. Fine, I can handle that. So I chose NYC "Skyline Blue".

It definitely helped a lot. Here is one coat of fuzzy over that.

Not bad for a first coat, but I do recommend at least 2 over a like color.

For fun I did another coat too. The bottle says 2 to 3 coats so here is a third coat.

Ok, it is a pretty polish. Dense bar glitter in 2 colors. The polish goes on well and dries nicely. But that's it. It's just a glitter polish. No noticeable "texture". It just feels like a dense glitter. One thin topcoat and you won't ever know it was supposed to have a "texture". So why is it called "Fuzzy"? Maybe it just looks fuzzy? I guess it kinda does, but it says "Texture" right on the bottle. This has NO texture to it. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but don't get taken in by the advertisement like I did. I wish I'd read reviews before picking this up, I would have tried out the Sugar Coat instead of the Fuzzy Coat. As far as I can tell this collection is getting generally negative reviews across the board.

On final note, I've heard from several sources that this is harder than glitter to get off (a vile insult among nail addicts lol). I haven't tried yet. Yes I still have that one pinky painted but my coworkers are used to that from me :D

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