Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Paisley Stamping Decal

Co-worker pointed out a card at work and told me I should paint my nails like that. I'll try and get a picture of it (Google isn't being helpful right now) but it was a pink and green paisley card. I decided to try a technique I read about a month or so ago called stamper decals. I'll write up a post about that soon, but here is my first serious attempt at stamper decals. Looks good, but next time I'll be more careful about getting it to lay flat, it wrinkled a little when I put it on. Base color is Sally Hansen "Straw-Ready" ( I really love this color for summer) and stamped with BundleMonster BM315 in Milani "White on the Spot". I then filled in the stamp with Sally Hansen "In Record Lime" and Sinful Colors "Hazard" a coral-y orange that unfortunately just looks like more of the base color. Other than a few mistakes, I really like this and might do the decal on ALL my fingers instead of just an accent, but the decals take a lot of time to make.

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