Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's My Birthday!!

Yes, today is actually my birthday. I've had a bad week, so I decided to paint my nails to cheer me up. This is my first real attempt at a birthday nail manicure. Last year I attempted it, but it was so horrid I don't even think I took a pic of it. This year I'm much happier with it. After the jump I'll explain each nail separately.

The index was easy. A coat or two of Sally Hansen "White On" and a few coats of Wet n Wild "Party of Five Glitters". I was gonna stamp a cupcake on it but then I decided to try a cupcake nail on my thumb. I didn't want 2 cupcakes next to each other, so glitter confetti was good enough for me.

This just might be my favorite stamping Ever! I adore the double stamped numbers, it makes it look almost 3D. The nail is China Glaze "Starboard" and "Running in Circles". Then I stamped with Wet n Wild "Black Creme" using BundleMonster BM311. Then using the same stamp just off set (you don't want to stamp right on top of the same spot or you'll cover the black up, but that's hard to do on purpose let alone by accident) stamp again with Milani "White on the Spot". I really like how the stamping turned out and might have to do this again soon.

I almost gave up on the free-handed balloons, but I'm glad I stuck with them. They actually turned out almost cute. I used a base coat of Sally Hansen "White On" as undies then Pure Ice "Home Run" a pastel green. I free-handed 3 ovals in Wet n Wild "Saved by the Blue" Bath and Body Works "Candy Apple Cream" and Sally Hansen "Lightening". I drew on the string with Wet n Wild "Black Creme" but it still didn't look right until I added the shine on the balloons in Milani "White on the Spot". It might not be a masterpiece, but I liked it.

This is the idea that started me thinking about birthday nails. I wanted to do a wrapped present, so first I did the wrapping paper in Sally Hansen "Lickety Split Lime" and stamped with "In Record Lime" using BundleMonster BM322. Then I did the bow also in Sally Hansen "Grape Race" isolating a bow from BM325. The bow was made into a stamper decal and placed on the nail later.

And finally the thumb is another attempt at cupcake nails. Better than previous attempts, but still not quite there. Sally Hansen "White On" as undies, then Hard Candy "Gummy Green" and Pure Ice "I'll Behave". The wrapper of the cupcake is Sally Hansen "Raspberry Ice" and "Grape Race" with the cherry being "Straw-Ready". The shine worked so well on the balloons I did it again on the cherry. Milani "White on the Spot", but I don't think it worked as well on the cherry as it did on the balloons. Maybe a stem instead of a shine next time?

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