Monday, June 10, 2013

Nail Polish Lexicon ~ Undies

There are polishes out there that are glorious in one coat. Easy to apply and stunning. Then there are other polishes, that while just as pretty, need some help to achieve a knock out manicure. Neons, pastels, and some dense glitter or holographic polishes come to mind as needing a base color to make them stand out wonderfully. Neon and pastel polishes usually look their best over a white color while glitters and holos are best over a black. The color you put down, in these examples black and white, are what are known as underwear or undies polish. The idea is it is a polish you won't see, but make the polish you do see better.

Here is an example of white making neon look better.

Sally Hansen "White On"

Here I painted half the nail white and left the other half bare so you can see the difference.

Sinful Colors "Pink", "Summer Peach","Neon Melon",
"Irish Green", and "Love Nails"
See how much more the neon pops over the white? Especially the yellow.

Wet n Wild "Black Creme"

And here is 2 polishes that benefit from being painted over black

Wet n Wild "Born Into Privilege" and Hard Candy "Beetle"
Alot of dense glitters look better over black and most duochromes as well. There you go, now you know what undies polish means!

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