Friday, June 7, 2013

Nail Polish Lexicon ~ Franken Polish

A Franken Polish, like Frankenstein's Monster, is a polish made up from other polishes. A drop of this and a drop of that to make a whole new creation. I have just started making up my own starting with a hideous topcoat that has been sitting around in my stash for years. It became thick and yellow and I was NEVER gonna use it. I probably should have thrown it away, but now I'm glad I didn't. A couple drops of thinner, some color from other polishes, and a pinch of glitter and I have my first Franken.

Here I really wanted a St. Patrick's polish, a nice Emerald or Kelly green with gold hex glitter floating in it like gold coins. While I'm proud of it it does have a major issue that I still need to research. The glitter falls to the bottom fast and needs to be shaken constantly to get it on the brush. I've heard that to add glitter to polish you need a suspension liquid to add to the polish so the glitter stays spread out, but I don't have any and don't know what could work in its place. Here is a close up of the jelly like green.

And of course I can't stop at one Franken Polish!

Now, how exactly do we make a Franken? Find out more after the jump!

 Well I like to start with a clear polish, but you can start with anything or any color.

I usually pour off about half the bottle of clear into another empty bottle so I can make 2 frankens with one bottle of clear. This also gives me room to add to the bottle without fear of overflowing the bottle.

Add what colors you like to the bottle a drop at a time till you get the color you're looking for. Here I'm adding Wet n Wild "Buffy the Violet Slayer". I love "Buffy" but it is a very highly pigmented polish and keeps bleeding through my stamping eating any image I stamp on it. As I played with this polish I decided I loved the color but wanted a milky glitter.

Here is all the polishes that eventually went into my milky purple glitter franken. I also tag my frankens with what I put in it and how much I put in just in case I want to remake it one day.

Making your own custom polish really is just that easy! Here is my milky glitter up close. I'm still having the problem of the glitter falling to the bottom, but one day I'll learn how to fix that. Till then I'll just have to shake the bottles up extra well.

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