Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Rainbow Gradient

Mom has the winter blahs and wanted something bright and cheerful. So what's more cheerful than rainbows? She also loves gradients. I wasn't sure I could get that many colors in a gradient but was willing to give it a try. I'll run through the polishes real quick: I started with an under coat of Sally Hansen "White On" to make the other colors brighter. Then I used Essie "Fifth Avenue", Sinful Colors "Clementine", Sally Hansen "Lighting", China Glaze "Tree Hugger", Sally Hansen "Blew Me Away", and Sally Hansen "Grape Race". I painted these in thin stripes on a cosmetic wedge sponge and dabbed them on to the nails. I did 2 coats of the gradient. Then to smooth the transitions I painted over the gradient with China Glaze "Ice Cap" a light sheen of chunky gold shimmer. I like the effect it has to soften the color shifts. That and glitter makes everything better :D I would liked to have done a bit more clean up, but she had to get to work, so I cut clean up short.

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