Thursday, September 12, 2013

31 Day Challenge: Day Twelve ~ Stripes

I almost forgot about stripes! I was planning my animal print mani when I double checked something on my phone and saw today was stripes. Good thing I double checked just to be sure. So I was thinking about doing a reverse gradient stripe. I'd never done one, and decided to give it a shot. A reverse gradient stripe is painting your nails in a gradient, putting down thin strips of tape over it, then doing ANOTHER gradient over the top reversing the colors. I did my gradient in Sinful Colors "Enchanted" and "Calypso" a dark purple and teal green. Admiring my awesome skillz I came to the conclusion that perhaps the colors I chose were too dark to gradient over the top of well. I could remove the polish and start over, but I hate doing that. I decided instead to tape the nails then paint them white. Then I would paint lighter versions of the same color over them. If I had planned this from the beginning I would have done the lighter colors first then the dark colors over them, but I was making it up as I went along. I used Wet n Wild "Teal or No Teal" and Sinful Colors "Tempest". When I peeled the tape off you could see the white (Wet n Wild "French White Creme) under it and since it had been sitting on the nail for a bit as I gradiented (is that a word?) it dried a bit and didn't leave a crisp line. It kind of left strings behind. I like the idea, but the application this time didn't go very well. And it looks alot like my Gradient Nails I did a couple days back. All well, they can't all be winners I guess.

Moral of the story? Plan your nails a bit better.

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