Wednesday, September 18, 2013

31 Day Challenge: Day Eighteen ~ Half Moon

There is a way to do Half Moons that I simply adore. I was super proud the day I came up with this idea. Use french tip stamping plates, but instead of stamping on the tips, stamp it at the base! Not exactly a groundbreaking idea, but I loved coming up with it. I also decided to use some of my untrieds (polishes I haven't really used before) so the base color is OPI "Stranger Tides" and accent is "Uh-Oh, Roll Down The Window". An unfortunate name for a pretty olive green. Window is stamped over Tides and Tides over Window. The stamp I used is BundleMonster BM216. Fun, huh? A very simple way to do Half Moons, but it dresses it up so much more than the simple moon of color.

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