Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My First Stamping

St. Patrick's Manicure nearly a year ago today.

Ok, if I'm gonna be completely truthful, this manicure isn't my very first stamping. My very first stamping was on my toes, but I really doubt I'll be posting my feet on this blog anytime soon. And again I will say I was new to nail art and didn't really grasp the whole "clean up" thing so yeah, I have polish all over my fingers. Back then I usually just let it wear off my skin instead of trying to clean it up with remover. I don't really remember what colors I used, but I believe it's Sally Hansen "Green with Envy" stamped with Sinful Colors "Daisy the Pig" and the gold tip is probably Sinful Colors striper "Pot O Gold". I had just gotten my first stamping kit, the Salon Express set and was crazy excited to try it. I'm glad it turned out as well as it did, else I might not have continued stamping and I so adore stamping now.

Even tho I cringe to look at it today, last year I was ridiculously proud of  my nails.
Live and learn :)

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