Monday, February 11, 2013

Pink Crackle Heart

Another simple Valentine's Day manicure. Here I have Pure Ice's "Shell Pink" a very soft pastel pink with China Glaze's "Haute Metal" crackle from their Crackle Glaze collection. I lucked out on the crackle at my Sally's Beauty Supply Store and got them on clearance for like a buck and a half each I think it was. Got 4 colors that day in crackle. Stamped over that is a heart from Salon Express plate #SE21 in Sally Hansen's "Quick Brick". I had heard that most of the Insta-Dri collection stamped well so I wanted to try it. Not bad but not as well as I thought it would stamp. The whole manicure is nice, but rather subtle. Subtle is fine but I like manicures that stand out a bit. A little "Hey-Look-At-Me!-I'm-Nail-Art!!" is what I go for.

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