Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Doctor Who Logo Practice

Not my work. But OMG I want to do that when I grow up!

A friend of mine recently posted this mani to my Facebook page and while I think I've figured out how to do most of the fingers, how she did the logo was baffling me. Well I sat down one night with my practice nails and I think I figured out the trick. Do a blue gradient on your whole nails first then paint the black over the top. I was always trying to gradient INSIDE the logo and that was just a pain. Gradient FIRST. Well this is what I've come up with so far.

Not outstanding, but I'm proud of it. Little more practice I think.
Wet n Wild's "Saved by the Blue" Sally Hansen's "White On" and
Wet n Wild's "Ebony Hates Chris"

I'm really kind of proud of it, but soon it will be time to try it on my own nails and I'm a bit nervous to do that. I need to master it by March 30th. That is when Doctor Who season 7 part 2 starts airing.

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