Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nail Polish Thinner

I like dollar store polish. I can get nearly every color in the rainbow for dirt cheap, but you take a chance with it. A lot of cheap polish I come across is cheap for a reason. It bleeds, stains, is super thin, or more commonly thick. For thick polishes there is an easy fix. Nail Polish Thinner is just a few bucks at your local beauty supply store and can restore polish that is nearly dried out. In fact I had a dried up bottle and a hefty squirt brought it back to life. I shook it up and left it for a few days and boom! It was polish again. Now even though it fixed dried up polish, I don't recommend it for that, as the once-dry polish is greasy. What you want to use thinner for is polishes that are getting gloppy like my Art Deco silver glitter striper was getting. I once heard someone using water to thin polish but I just can't see how that would work, because water and polish literally don't mix. That's the whole theory behind water marbling. Under NO circumstances should you add Nail Polish Remover or Acetone to thin your polish. Remover and Acetone are made to break down and destroy chemicals in polish, so adding it to your bottles will destroy what makes polish, polish.

Check out before and after photos after the jump...

Here you can see how thick it is in the bottle. Gloopy.

 When I paint it on a nail, it stands up in a puffy line and I just can't get it to lay flat. Not without making a nasty mess. And when it dries, the whole line tends to peel right off. So it's time to thin it. The directions on the bottle say to add a few drops, but I find that is never enough. Specially if you wait till it's as thick as this is. I add a squirt or two. Start small and keep adding till you get the consistency you are looking for.

And here it is now. Much easier to work with. Now thinner won't change the color of your polish, but when it comes to glitters, it will make them less dense. The next pictures will show you what I mean by that.

You can see the difference in the polish right away. The thick and puffy line has a lot of glitter, whereas in the thinner but flat line the glitter is spread out more so it is not as dark. A couple coats will get the glitter coverage to look similar to the thick, but won't make it stand up in a puffy mess.

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