Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mystery Polish

Most of us have them. Mystery polishes. Bottles so old you don't remember ever buying them. Maybe Mom gave them to me. Maybe it was some thrift store or garage sale years ago. Maybe they were here when I bought the house. However they got into my stash, these 4 bottles are so old the name brand has worn off and I'm very curious as to what that brand is. If anyone can help, post in the comments. I've included many shots of the bottles and swatches to help the sleuths out there.

As far as I can tell, they are all the same brand and one price tag lists the price as 2 for 5 dollars, which might explain why I have 4. I vaguely remember buying the "Mint To Be" mint green and I think it was for an 8th grade party or maybe 8th grade graduation so 1995-ish? (Don't you dare do the math on that!)

I did a web search on the names and on Townley Dist. N.Y. NY 10018 but didn't turn up much that looked promising. Here are the names of the polishes, "280-Z", "Hot Rod", "Crush", and "Mint To Be". All 4 are sheer shimmers and swatched with 3 coats except for "Mint To Be" that has 4 or 5, I lost count.

"280-Z" is a brown that is slightly darker than chocolate. Interestingly the shimmer in it seems to be multicolored.

"Hot Rod" is an emerald green with matching green shimmer.

"Crush" is a darker lilac purple with blue and magenta shimmer.

"Mint To Be" is extremely sheer requiring quite alot of build up to make it opaque. The shimmer in it is more pearly than anything else.

One more shot of all the bottles with the swatches. Anyone recognize these polishes?


  1. Wow, I have a couple of these, too! I searched for "Townley Dist, NY" and your blog post is the ONLY thing that comes up! The colors I have are Alice Copper & Tantrum, and they look the same as yours - slightly mismatchy bottles, only ingredients listed on one side... what on earth? =P
    Found mine at a yard sale, so who knows!

    1. Some girls in my nail polish group thinks they might be a brand called Townley Girl. Here are some links. I'm not 100% sure this is what they are, but it's a good guess. and . So cool you found some as well!