Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Heat Activated Color Change Polish

The idea behind heat reactive polish is it will be one color closer to your cuticle and gradually turn into another color as it gets to the edge of the nail where it is colder. A gradient effect in one polish. That's the idea at least. For some reason this polish just refused to work for me. I just could not get the purple color to show thru. I don't know if it is the brand, the ambient temperature that day or if I was doing something wrong, but this whole polish was a fail for me.

Here we have the polish painted on one finger. I rubbed my hands together to get it as warm and as blue as I could. This is not top coated.

Here it is just about to be plunged into some ice water. It looks a little darker at the tip but that is just the shadow of the rim of the cup. Not an actual color change.

The color looks darker when it is under water, not quite a purple but a darker blue for sure.

Pull it out and it does seem a little darker. Again that is the shadow of the cup, not a gradient effect.

And here it is away from the shadow of the cup. It just isn't purple. Maybe a darker blue, but not the purple it is supposed to be. Overall  its a pretty color, but just doesn't do what it is supposed to do. I think I'll try to find other color changing brands before I give up on "mood" polish, but just not Claire's.

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