Monday, August 26, 2013

What Makes You Happy?

A facebook group I'm in was running a "What Makes You Happy" contest and this is the mani I submitted. Seriously, my favorite thing is learning new techniques. This here is nearly all the different nail art techniques I've explored so far. The index is a water marble, the middle is a gradient with stamping, the ring is my first attempt at an alcohol water spotted, the pinky is striped and dotted, and the thumb is a plastic wrap marble. I also love the color green and the China Glaze brand. The colors used are China Glaze "Starboard", "Tree Hugger",and "Running in Circles". Also used Wet n Wild "Black Creme" and "White Creme". The stamp is BundleMonster BM221.

Fun story about the middle finger, I painted the index and middle then got called in to work to cover a sick co-worker. At work I broke that nail. All the way to the quick. Before I took photos. Hanging on by the tiniest threads I coated the nail in the only thing I had, super glue. When I got home I topcoated it and took the picture. You can't even see the break now. I'm curious how long the glue will hold. Hopefully long enough for it to grow out again.

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