Friday, August 16, 2013

Polishing All Day...

Yeah, real life sucks and keeps getting in the way of polishing. I mean, I've been going weeks with naked nails. Can you believe that? NAKED! Anyway, in hopes of breaking this downward spiral I had to get something on my nails. Flipping thru my stamping plate binder I caught on BM 301. Rays of sunshine. Hmm, I wonder if I could do a rising and setting sun. Maybe even try a double stamp, yellow and orange rays. So starting with a base of New York Color "Skyline Blue" with a gradient half way up on the thumb and pinky in Orly "Blue Collar" and barely at the base on the index and ring. I left the middle with no gradient because that one should be the noon nail. I also stamped on the middle finger half way up the nail, then switched the stamp over and stamped on the bottom half to get the rays going up and down from the sun. I used a small mystery bottle orange to stamp with first then Sally Hansen "Lightening" just over that. Some stamped better than others, but otherwise I'm rather proud of my double stamping. "Lightening" was used again for the sun. A couple coats of China Glaze "Ice Cap" adds a golden shimmer over the whole nail.

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