Thursday, August 29, 2013

Waiting for Nail Mail...

This is one plate I bought, just waiting for it to get to me.
Isn't it amazing!

I've been pretty quiet this month, but I haven't forgotten all of you. I've just been caught up on discovering a new nail stamping plate brand. MoYou is fairly new to nail stamping, but they have some of the most fascinating plates I have ever seen. Above is Suki 01, the one that caught my eye and the one I am waiting (impatiently) to show up in my mailbox. Isn't it just fantastic! So many images in just one plate. Because they are a fairly new brand they are drumming up interest by running giveaways on various blogs. Sadly I am not one (yet. Someday though I hope to run giveaways and contests) but I am participating in as many as I can get into. Here are a few if any of you want to join up as well :

Spellbinding Nails

Crazy Nails (Over)

My Pretty Nailz (Over)

Lover for Lacquer (Butter London Giveaway) (Over now, sorry)

Lacquer or Leaver Her ($25 dollar Gift Card) (I think this will be over by the time this post comes up, but if not check it out)

Well that's what I've been doing these last few weeks. Oh and joining some facebook contests, giveaways, and challenges. Some of them I can't post publically till the contest is over though.

Now if you'll excuse me I need to get back to sitting by my mail box. *sigh*

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