Friday, August 2, 2013

Mosaic Inspiriation

During my last trip into Chicago I took alot of photos. Mostly of colors and effects I wanted to duplicate with nail polish. This image is a bit dark but its from the Chicago Cultural Center. The whole building was full of mosaics, mostly in tones of green, blue and gold. This is my first attempt to mimic the colors.

I started off with China Glaze "Blue Sparrow" and layered Sinful Colors "Love Nails" on top to give it a pearly look. Then I painted a triangle of white on the tip so China Glaze "Tree Hugger" would stand out better over the blue. Then to give it a streaky semi-precious stone look I painted one of my franken polish green jellies over it. I'm not thrilled with the out come yet and will keep tweaking it to get a stone look. I accented the triangle with some gold striping tape I just got the other day. It was also super humid and rainy that day so the cheap topcoat I use on my practice nails rippled and dried weird and wrinkly. Still a work in progress.

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