Monday, April 1, 2013

Fair Share of Fails

Not every manicure is a work of beauty. In honor of today, here are the mani's that made a fool of me:

Polka Dots

It started out as a good idea. Stamp the accent nail and mimic the stamping on the others as a french. I created this for a contest. It turned out so bad that I really don't think I entered it...tho I really don't remember. I may have anyway. I still like the idea, maybe I'll give it another shot one day.


Ugh, the infamous "Cherry Incident". I saw a cute nail art of cherries and I thought it would be simple to duplicate. So I tried it out on my thumb. Not bad, but not too good.

Fine, not too bad, I can work with it. So I go ahead and do the rest of my hand. Hmm, this is starting to look worse and worse...

But I soldier on and do my right hand. It is hideous and nothing is gonna save it. I didn't even bother with clean up, I just got rid of the paint and did something else. *Shudder* man, just looking at the pics a year later and its still bad. Not "oh I was still new and didn't know what I was doing", no this is just bad.

Spinning Wheel

Not as terribad as the cherries is my spinning wheel nails.

Nail art isn't my only passion. It's not even my first. Spinning and Weaving is something I've adored for years now. Last year I was going to my local Fiber and Folk Art Fair and decided to paint my nails for the occasion. Well, it's not terrible, but still just isn't very good. After this I nearly swore off freehand entirely.

The drop spindle on my thumb is cuter than the wheel I think.

Well, that's enough damage to my ego for one day. Have a fun April Fool's Day everyone.

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