Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Water Marble

So a few days ago, when we had a brief spot of sunshine, I decided I was gonna take the pics I need for a water marbling how-to post. Simple enough, right? I've done a few marbles by now and know what I'm doing. Well, nothing wanted to work that day. My workshop was cold, the water was cold, the polish was cold, nothing was working right. Polish didn't spread on the water, and when it did, it dried instantly so I only had time to take one picture, then have to restart the process for the next picture. But I soldiered on and got some pics taken. They were awful. Disgusted with getting nothing accomplished I walked away for a few more days. Today is Earth day and for the first time this week it was beautiful outside! The sun was shining, my workshop was warm with light streaming in. It was a happy day so I decided to give marbling another shot. I've never had a water marble go better! It went so well that I could stop and take pics and the polish still hadn't dried yet so I could continue without have to restart the process for each pic. It was like the polish was apologizing for misbehaving the last time :)

Anyway, here is my Earth Day mani. Sinful Colors "Exotic Green" and "Nirvana". Tomorrow I'll post how to do a water marble yourself!

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