Friday, November 15, 2013

Writer's Block-ish

A couple false starts on mani ideas I did today.

Ever have one of those days where you try so hard to design something, but nothing wants to turn out? I tried so hard to create mani ideas today, but nothing jumped out at me as "awesome". I wanted to do something autumn-y so I pulled out a yellow, orange, red, and green polish. Those colors together made me think of fall leaves.

I stared at them. Flipped thru my stamping binder. Looked at the polishes some more. Put a DVD in for background noise. Pushed the 4 polishes around some. Watched a couple episodes of Doctor Who. Stared at the polishes again. This goes on for another hour or so. That is how my day has been. I want to paint my nails, but inspiration is being elusive.

Fine, so painting my nails today isn't working. I'll write a blog post instead. Seemed like a good idea. I've written 3 posts (this one will make 4) but after re-reading them, I'm gonna have to give up for the night. My thoughts are disorganized and the sentences either run on or trail off. I'll look them over again in the morning, but for now I'm gonna go kill some creepers in Minecraft.

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