Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fake Nail Polish

Great, just when I get in the mood for polishing and posting, I get sick. What did I do to make the universe so unhappy with me :( Well, since another Doctor Who mani has to be postponed I wrote up a review on some makeup I bought for Halloween this year.

Zombie Nail Polish & Lipstick

Picked this up for Halloween and just now got around to playing with it. I don't have much when it comes to greys so even though I bought this for the lipstick that it came with, I was excited to have a new grey. It is made by Fun World, a Halloween costume/makeup company. It was very cheap, I think we only paid a buck or two for it. Good thing too, this was a disaster beginning to end. The packaging is very attractive and shows a model sporting shiny grey tips. Yeah, right.

The lipstick was fine, rather sheer but fine. I didn't use it on myself tho, I used it for dad's face make up for Nightmare on Chicago Street. Today, however, I need to talk about the polish. Despite what it says on the package, this is NOT nail polish. I don't know what to classify it as. I think its closer to acrylic paint than any thing else. First, when I opened the bottle it has nearly no scent. That is HIGHLY unusual for nail polish. Then when I painted it on a practice nail it beaded up and didn't want to adhere to the plastic nail at all. Then when it did dry it cracked and flaked off, just like paint on plastic would.

2 coats and it still didn't want to cover the nail. This polish is a HUGE fail. I'm glad I got some use out of the lipstick or this would have been a complete waste of money. For the sake of science I'll swatch it on my own nails, but I have no hopes for this "polish" and I strongly recommend against it.

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