Monday, July 14, 2014

Negative Space Bridal Nails

Stamped with Cosmetic Arts "Picture Day"
This manicure came about as an accident. I was doing my mom's nails using 2 images from MoYou Pro XL 06 plate and I accidentally picked up the wrong image for the finger I was working on. Lucky I realized my mistake before I stamped her finger, but I still had it on the stamper and as a joke just stamped it on my own naked nail. I finished her nails and was gonna take it off mine when I looked at it. It really was very pretty and so simple. I've never done a "Negative Space" mani before. Having naked nail peek thru my art never really interested me before. But this time it worked. I did the rest of my nails and added a few half pearl rhinestones to accent the ring finger and called it a day. I think I would also consider this my first bridal nail art. Think it's good for a wedding? Never done Bridal before too. So simple, but for me? Groundbreaking.

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