Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Watermarble ~ Flora Glow

A new month, a new challenge from my nail art group World of Nailcraft! This month is was the palette "Flora Glow". Lovely soft pinks, teals and greens and at least one nail had to be watermarbled. You all know my love and fascination with watermarbles, so I had to get on this right away!  I put a base down of white and used all Sinful Colors for the marble. "Cotton Candy", "Unicorn", "Pistache", "Sweet Nothing", and "Tempest". Here is the image we were given as inspiration:

I wish I had more of the teal like blues, but I think I rather nailed the pinks and light yellow. The blue, purple, and green I added because it complemented the other 2 colors and I didn't want just a pink and yellow marble.

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