Sunday, April 6, 2014


I am so in love with these nails! The mottled look of the scales is stunning! On Messy Mansion's facebook page a fan posted dragonscale nails and I fell in love with them I just had to try them myself. I don't see a blog post from her but I will link to the facebook post here. I don't know what polishes Jae K used, but I painted my nails first with 2 coats of Sinful Colors "Clementine" I then sponged a little bit of Sally Hansen "Lighting" in patches. Where I didn't put "Lighting" is sponged just a teeny tiny amount of Essie "Fifth Avenue". Then I sponged all over it again with "Clementine" to blend all the edges. I went over the top of the red and yellow to make them not so bold. This way it all looked like shades of orange.

Satisfied with the base colors, I then stamped over it with MM21. Scales on all fingers, but a dragon for the accent nail. I used Cosmetic Arts "TGIF". To give you an idea of how big the stamps are, here is my nails before clean up:

More than satisfactory for my nail length.

Here is Jae's picture:

And mine again:

One of my better Monkey See, Monkey Do mani's if I do say so myself.


  1. Wow! This manicure is gorgeous! The base colours look really great even on their own, with the sponging that you did. The stamping looks awesome, too!!!

    1. Thanks! I really enjoyed this one and might do it again soon, but in cooler colors. Jae's original picture has been removed and I can't seem to find another copy of it. Shame, her's were amazing too. Checking out your blog, I've never done your version of a watermarble decal. I really think I have to try that out! I've heard of putting in a stamper to pick up the decal, but letting it dry and pulling it out? I so have to try that.