Thursday, February 19, 2015

Simple Lilac Purple with Glitter

This is actually a lilac purple, not a cornflower blue, but I just can't get purples to photograph right. I have no idea why. I got a new Finger Paints Endless Wear polish called "Hue Knew?". It's supposed to be a non-uv/led gel polish. I'm not very familiar with gel polishes, but I'm trying it out to see how it differs from regular polish. So far the only real difference is its thicker and a little gloopy. Wear time seems about the same as my regular polish. It still chips, but maybe not as bad as regular polish? I'm not sure. I wish I had some experience with gel to compare it to. I added a couple coats of OPI "In True Stefani Fashion" on middle and ring just for fun.

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