Friday, November 21, 2014

Almost a 31 Day Challenge: Day One~Red

I really did intend to do Chalkboard Nails challenge again this year. I even started on the first 2 challenge manicures (Day One: Red and Day Two: Orange) but I just fell into a slump. Maybe I will still do it, but for now here is what my Day One: Red was gonna look like. I've been doing Crumpet's SIMPLES challenge for a few weeks leading up to this and had dots on the brain. This is (I think) Essie "5th Avenue" and Sally Hansen "Red-io Active". I was kinda trying a dot gradient, but I think the dots were slightly too large. I did like it and even posed with one of my newest Dragon Eggs. I love how it looks like the glitter on the dragon egg :D

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