Monday, June 16, 2014

SIMPLES ~ Basic Dots

So yeah, I'm just gonna skip over the month of May. No real reason, I just got busy and time just slipped away. It happens. But back to business. I've joined another new FaceBook group, this time one started for the sole purpose of introducing people to nail art. It's called SIMPLES- Nails Art from Muggle to Mastery. It was started by Debbie Crumpet of The Crumpet. It's a wonderful way to get new people interested in nail art by starting very basically and working your way up to more complex designs. The first month was dedicated to just getting people used to the idea of having more than one color on their nails, but I did this manicure with week 5 in mind. Dots!

I started off with a coat of Wet n Wild "Black Creme". I've been having some problems with my undies showing around the edge of my nails so I purposely didn't paint this coat right up to the edge.

I then did 2 coats of Orly "Haily's Comet" The fact that the undies didn't go all the way to the edge is nearly invisible in real life, but for some reason this picture shows it clearly on my thumb.

I then used my new dotting tools I just picked up at Wal-Mart to make big and small dots on just one side of the nail. I used an old discontinued Sally Hansen color called "Black Pearl Chrome". Sally Hansen has just released new chrome colors and I'm dying to pick a couple up and see if they match up to the old discontinued chrome colors.

And there you go! A very basic dot manicure that I really love. I think I'll go back and do the first 4 weeks as well. I'd like to follow along, I'm sure there are techniques I've never done before. Here is the plan for SIMPLES:

Let's Just Paint

Week 1 - Plain Accent Nail
Week 2 - Plain Skittle
Week 3 - Ombre
Week 4 - Saran Wrap

Basic Dotting

Week 5 - Dotting Tools - Basic Dots
Week 6 - Dotting Tools - Mixed Dots
Week 7 - Dotting Tools - Multi-Coloured Dots
Week 8 - Dotting Tools - Dots Within Dots

Back To Bases

Week 9 - Splodging
Week 10 - Watercolour
Week 11 - Gradient !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Putting It Together

Week 12 - A Splodged Base or Saran Wrap Base With Dots
Week 13 - A Skittle with Dots
Week 14 - A Gradient with Dots

Dotting Tools Do More Than Dots

Week 15 - Ruffle
Week 16 - Leopard
Week 17 - Camoflage
Week 18 - Flowers

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