Saturday, February 1, 2014

Wal-Mart's Stamping Kit

I knew that Fing'rs had a new stamping set come out with their Heart 2 Art collection last summer but I never got a hold of it. Wandering about Wal-mart last week and lookie what I found! I can't tell for sure yet, but it looks like this set might be getting added to their everyday collection. My Wal-mart is still in the process of setting up the polish wall, but it would be awesome if they carried this all the time! Here is a close up of what comes inside.

For almost 7 dollars you get 2 plates, stamper, scraper, and a tiny bottle of white polish. I didn't care much for the polish, but for a beginner it's fine. I just really prefer my Cosmetic Arts white "Picture Day" right now.

The plates are very nice and this time don't seem to be dupes of any other plate. I whole-heartedly encourage them to come out with original images. All the other plates Fing'rs has come out with have been copies of other plate makers. Interesting thing tho, these plates had no plastic covering on them. Then again, they didn't seem to need it. There were no scratches in the plates at all. They were well etched and rather detailed. The only real problems I've been having is with the "Lucky" image on the right hand plate. Not all the dots in the background want to show up, but I'm gonna keep trying. I have plans for that one for St. Patrick's Day.

Very few white polishes stamp so I wasn't surprised that this white wasn't all that opaque. You can get a stamp from it, it's just not that white. The stamper and scraper I was very pleased with. This is the first scraper I've gotten that I don't mind using. I still prefer my gift card scraper, but this is a very good second best. And the stamper? I love it too! It's about a standard small size, but squishier than all my others. Softer too. Not marshmallow soft like some of the really good expensive stampers, but still nicer than any of my other ones so far.

Over all I am super happy with this set! I recommend it for anyone wanting to learn how to stamp. If you are already comfortable with stamping, just looking for better tools, these are nice, but there are better ones online. For those with epic stamping skills and tools, I wouldn't bother with this set unless you really fall in love with the plates. 7 bucks isn't a bad price for a couple plates and who doesn't need back up stamper and scraper?

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